It’s National Orgasm Day

It’s that time of year folks, yes, you guessed it….National Orgasm Day. And just why is it so? According to Wikipedia the original day was started in Brazil, with a law passed by a local councilman, Arimateio Dantas, to celebrate it. It is celebrated there on August 8, but celebrated in other countries like the UK, Australia and the US on July 31st.
But who cares anyway right!? We don’t know why it’s here but we don’t hear anyone complaining. Surely it’s just a great excuse to get down and dirty, or down and clean, whatever the preference.

We thought we’d use today to honour the big O with some fun factoids.

Millennials V’s Boomers: Probably not something you wish to overthink but apparently our parents are getting off more than us. Millennials, on average have 12 percent fewer orgasms than boomers.

Who rules the world?: Luxury Sex toy company LELO carried out an international survey to explore which country tops the orgasm leader board and the intensity of the ride. Proper scientific stuff.
Norway lead with 35 per cent of respondents claiming to orgasm every day which is more than triple that of the Brits, with only 11 per cent claiming to climax so regularly.
The global average rate of climax is two to three times per week.

Stoners know best: It would appear that people who smoke weed have SIGNIFICANTLY more orgasms. Pot smokers surveyed were 109% more likely to have multiple orgasms.

Age Matters but not in the way you would expect: You would be forgiven to think that when it comes to sex your twenties would be your peak age. Orgasmically speaking, this is not so for women.
A survey carried out revealed that the big O gets better with age with 36 being classed as the ‘Prime Time’ for the perfect orgasm.

An orgasm a day, keeps the boss at bay: If you’re not the top performer at work, it may have something to do with your sex life – or lack thereof.
Apparently that’s due to the endorphins released during orgasm in the evenings elevate your mood, improve sleep and boosts attitude and productivity the following day.
The benefits were so significant that lead author Kevin Leavitt of the study ‘From the office to the bedroom’ suggested we should be tracking our sexual activity – like many of us do with calorie and step counters. Is there an app for that yet?

Being politically active pays off: People who are more passionate about a cause or political movement have more multiple orgasms and more orgasms in general. You’ve seen how charged those marches can get.

Women can experience ‘super orgasms’: Scientists claim it is possible for women to have “super-orgasms” where they can orgasm 100 times in a row.
The climaxing state is possible, they concluded, with a mix of relaxation, yoga and bonding.
The incredible discovery dismisses previous research which said that “super-orgasms” didn’t exist.

Get Sexting: Unsurprisingly, text flirting is good for your sex life. Women who use the lips and kissing emoji have more orgasms with their partners, how that one was worked out beats us but it may be time to ramp up the sexting.

I’ll have what she’s having: A new survey has revealed that only 15% of women orgasm every time they have sex,
This is compared 56% of men, making men four times more likely to orgasm during sex.
Two in ten women said that they never orgasm through sex and the same amount of women say they wouldn’t expect to if their partner already has.
The survey by Durex, which had over 2000 participants, found that people are not likely to talk about their sexual frustration.

I know what you’re thinking………..What about the other 44% of men? Which brings us nicely to our next factoid.

It’s not just women who fake it: It’s not an exclusive club as 37% of men in Match’s survey said they had faked it at least once. The most common cited reasons being that they weren’t enjoying sex anymore, were too drunk to finish or didn’t want to disappoint their partner or were too stressed.
Trying to boost the others self-esteem was the top factor for women.

It might be time to get your geek on: 1-0 to the nerds. Tech workers have more orgasms than any other profession despite what the stereotypes might have you think.
So I guess they are having the last laugh now!!!

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